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Message from Sanjiv Goyal, President

We have lost some lives due to Covid 19; let’s keep humanity alive.

It’s my humble appeal to support India.

My name is Sanjiv Goyal, and I am president of the IIT Delhi Excellence Foundation.
Four months ago, I introduced the prime minister of India, Narender Modi @ IIT2020, to 17000 people. Today I am pleading with everyone to support India. A severe second wave of COVID-19 is sweeping across India, and the country’s healthcare system is overwhelmed. The number of new cases has crossed 327,000 every day. The death toll has touched 2700 on April 27, 2.6+ million covid patients in the country, hospitals struggle to accommodate new patients, and an acute shortage of hospital beds, ventilators, and oxygen.

India needs help right away, and many people around the world are asking how we can help!

Our top priority is to quickly acquire oxygen concentrators and ship them to India to save lives.

Do you have the know-how or technology to generate oxygen, please DM me. I will connect you with the right contacts on the ground.

You can donate to your favorite NGOs or www.iitdef.com. www.paypal.com/us/fundraiser/charity/2262942

Call your friends in India.
I am working with some of my IIT Alumni. We will share the list of NGOs supported by our alumni.

We have started IITians in Action – Covid Team.

Three key initiatives:

1) Digitial task force to create nationwide plasma donors, hospital beds, and oxygen concentrators (SEND INFO) www.forms.gle/jKwzWSpXDVawdG747
2) 500 volunteers on-call support team (VOLUNTEER IF YOU CAN) – +91 804 804 0000
3) Consolidating a list of Oxygen Cooncentratror vendors/resellers and Oxygen plants/technology (SEND INFO of credible suppliers, please do your diligence) www.forms.gle/jKwzWSpXDVawdG747


Our Mission & Vision

IITDEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to:

Our History

Founded in July 2002, IIT Delhi Excellence Foundation spearheaded the idea to foster the idea of giving back to the alma mater – IIT Delhi, through Scholarships, Student Financial Aid Services, Awards (Educational Institutions and Related Activities).

Under new leadership of Sanjiv Goyal, the foundation is being revitalized to re-engage with the Alumni and channelize resources in the Americas and worldwide. 

Come join us to give back.


Projects will be funded in the following areas:


(Improving the condition and maintenance of toilets in hostels)


(AI school)


Our Sponsors

Meet Our Team Members

Sanjiv Goyal


Rohit Goel

Chief Financial Officer

Rupam Shrivastava

VP Outreach

Rajan Vasudevan

VP Strategy


Please use the Donate button on the website. We currently offer donations through Paypal, and will be adding other options soon.You can also send money directly from your bank account through Zelle to the email address iitdef2021@gmail.com. This is preferred as there are no transaction fees and your entire donation goes towards the intended purpose.
We will provide regular updates on the funds raised on the website on amounts raised and collate reports on how the funds were used.
All contributions are tax deductible.

Here are some donation-matching portals where IITDEF is registered:

  1. Benevity (https://benevity.com)
  2. Charities Trust (https://charitiestrust.org)
  3. Your Cause (https://nonprofit.yourcause.com)
  4. Motorola Solutions Foundation (https://www.motorolasolutions.com/en_us/about/motorola-solutions-foundation.html)
  5. Fidelity Charitable (https://www.fidelitycharitable.org)
  6. Bank of America Charitable Foundation (https://about.bankofamerica.com/en/making-an-impact/matching-gifts-features-and-eligibility)

Donors should reach out to their company HR to find out how they can take advantage of the company’s non-profit donation matching programs, which portal the company uses etc. Benevity is by far the most popular.

These payments typically settle in 4-8 weeks. Some portals such as Benevity provide tax receipts directly: https://causeshelp.benevity.org/hc/en-us/articles/360001149446-Tax-receipts-for-donors

Yes! please use the receipts of the transactions and we will email a receipt to the email ID provided.


For any information/feedback, please contact: info@iitdef.com
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